Time to upgrade!  WordPress.org has released WP 3.8, named “Parker” in honour of Charlie Parker.
Here are the steps I take before I update my version of WordPress.
1 – ALWAYS back-up your site. No brainer – always the first step.
If you employ a plugin such as BackUp Buddy, do a “Complete” backup and file it away via your choice of method (found in your BackUp Buddy settings).
If you are using WPEngine as a host, you will be prompted to create a “backup point” before you go ahead with the update.  DO IT!  It only takes a few minute and can save you oodles of work.
2 – Check with your theme creator
Some theme authors or companies will push out a note to all their theme purchasers if they have run into any problems with the new version of WordPress.  It’s always good to double check with your theme’s forum to see if there have been any reported issues.  A good theme company will have tested their themes with the latest testing version of WP before the update is released to the general public.
3 – Check your plugins
Again, a good plugin creator will have tested the latest version of WP and you should quickly check on the plugins page in the WordPress.org plugin section to see if there are any reported issues.   As a rule, checking your plugins should be a weekly habit to catch any updates that have come out.
4 – Go ahead and update.
You’ve backed everything up, you have checked your plugins and theme and all is well.  So go ahead and head to your Dashboard.  There you will find the button for the updates.  Click that sucker and let it go!


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