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Your website is your 24/7 store front and it should be the single most important point of contact to help you build your community.  Here are 3 Steps to a More Productive Website.
1 – Make contacting you super simple – make sure that you have a contact page on your site for readers to easily get in touch with you.  Having a link in your navigation bar is great, but so is having a simple contact form at the bottom of your home page along with links to your social media profiles.
2 – Write Content for Your Audience, Not Yourself – one of the biggest mistakes people make in designing their websites is to make it about themselves.  Hear this loud and clear: YOUR WEBSITE IS NOT ABOUT YOU!  Your website exists to help your target market! Make sure you are providing solutions to the problems your clients face – give them step-by-step instructions to follow to help them achieve their business or personal goals.
3 – Keep it fresh – nothing kills a website is stale content. Some people prefer to not date their posts so that their content appears fresh all the time, but sometimes this can backfire on you. No dates may appear to keep your content constantly fresh, but people who read your posts and can tell they are outdated are readers whose trust you have just lost. Keep up with trends in your field and add your 2 cents worth to the discussion with your own fresh take on the subject.


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