According to, 56% of traffic to the top websites is now via mobile devices. So is YOUR website responsive, and looking great while being so?

Here are a few ways to find out.

1 – Check on your own phone or tablet – this is an invaluable way to make sure that your mobile users are seeing your content the way you want it seen. Make note of any oddities such as cut-off text or images, menus not behaving properly or forms that are, for lack of a better word, wonky and send your findings to your web designer.

2 – Have a select group of friends test the site. Ask your friends and family to have a look at the site on their various devices and have them make the same observations as above. This way, you can see how your site responds to different devices and types- i.e. OS X vs Android  Have your friends give you their impressions as if they were customers/readers/prospective clients.

3 – Use your browser in Responsive View Mode. This feature of Firefox, Safari & Chrome will give you an idea of how your site will behave across different screen sizes so you can ensure consistency of design and content.  

In Firefox, go to Tools >> Web Developer >> Responsive Design View

In Safari, go to Develop >> Enter Responsive Design Mode.

In Chrome, install the Responsive Web Design Tester app.

These are just three of the ways you can test your site’s responsiveness before you go live. Once you have done your own testing – and BTW a true pro web designer will have done extensive testing BEFORE they make your site live, it’s always good to test yourself. Make careful notes about any issues and let your designer know ASAP of any issues encountered so your mobile site looks, and functions, just as well as your desktop site!



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