We enjoyed such a good time with family over Christmas – it was truly magical.

Even with two tired grandkiddos aged 2 & 4!

For Christmas this year we dialed it WAY back and the feeling of utter peace and calm over not going into debt for more STUFF we didn’t need was amazing!

We made a “JOY” sign for my Mum and Dad and received a hand-painted sign from my sister-in-law and brother! Love!

And the best was what hubby made me.  It was delivered early though so I could decorate it for Christmas!

It is a behind-the-sofa table, made with reclaimed barn board a friend of ours sourced and generally gave us!

He also designed it to be collapsible (we’re military so we move!) and with a trestle bottom to provide stability for the legs.

And here it is all decked out for Christmas.  I added a hand-made burlap garland, indoor twinkle lights, 2 IKEA ALÄNG lamps, a simple wooden box with candles and rose gold ornaments.  The only new things were the lamps and bulbs 🙂

So in love with the man who put his time and effort into designing this table to be more beautiful and practical than I could have made.  I am truly blessed!