This week’s bullet journal spread is a day late since we had our 3 grandsons this weekend! They are 5, 3 and 8 months so not a lot of work was getting done!

This is a week-on-two-pages bujo spread is based on this post from Pinterest:

Unfortunately the OP on Instagram is gone so I cannot attribute the image.  If you know the OP, please let me know in the comments!

I rearranged the layout a bit to have Sunday as my first day. I’m of a certain age that means I use Sunday as the first day of the week, rather than Monday.

I added a section for my pain levels to rate from 0-5.  Ignore the 6 I added at the bottom of the graph!

I also added a section for Blog Ideas and a spot to keep track of my Social posts for my blogs.

There is plenty of space to add inspiration quotes, notes or doodles.  Let’s see how this week works!