What is the muffin tin game?

It’s a mental challenge for your pupper, as well as a fun and entertaining bit of magic for you as well!

The premise is simple. Place a treat in a few different cups of a muffin tin and tell your dog to find the treat.

Once they’ve figured out how to get the treats out of the muffin tin, you up the challenge by adding tennis balls over each of the muffin tin cups.  Now pupper has to find the treat that’s hidden by the balls!

A great mental challenge!  To stop the muffin tin from moving all around the floor, you can either hold it still or put some non-skid stickers on the bottom of the pan!

Here’s a cute video showing exactly how to play the muffin tin game!

Give your pooch a snazzy spot to rest with an easy-sew bed.

To successfully mix bold patterns, stick to colors of the same intensity. Here’s how to sew a comfy cushion for your four-legged friend:

— Cut two circles of washable fabric (cotton duck, canvas, and denim are good choices) 31 inches in diameter, which includes seam allowances; set aside.

— Cut 4-inch strips of fabric for the gusset, piecing them short end to short end to equal the circumference of the circles (about 94 inches).

— With right sides together, pin one long edge of the gusset to one circle and stitch together. Repeat with the other circle and the other long edge of the gusset, being sure to leave an opening for stuffing (polystyrene beads and high-density foam work well).

— Trim and press the seams, then turn the cover right side out. Stuff, and then whipstitch the opening closed.

If this is your work, please let me know! I cannot find the source for this pet pillow DIY!

As I wait for my 10 month old Rough Collie to settle into her new home with us, I’m investigating training her as a therapy dog. That’s Melli, above!

In Caleb’s story, we are introduced to a strong young man who had been in a horrific car accident that claimed the lives of his mother, brother and sister and in which Caleb suffered a traumatic brain injury.  

Meeting a therapy dog named Colonel lit a fire within Caleb that helped move his recovery along and with whom he’d bond.  With his Dad Ben by his side, Caleb made it through!

See for your self ⤵︎