Our Puppy Has a Heart Murmur

On June 4th of this year, we picked up our son from college and went to a breeder in Oil Springs, Ontario, to meet our new puppy. Our newest member is an almost 9 month old Blue Merle Rough Collie.  Her name is Mariska, Mari for short. She's named after Mariska...

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Our New Puppy is HERE!

Ladies and gents, our pupper Melon Flower, or Melli, has arrived from Ontario! We picked her up on June 4th, and then drove her home to Nova Scotia! Hubby and I drove to Ottawa to pick up our son after his first year of college.  Hubby was dropped off at Pearson...

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My Favourite Internet Cat has Died

Internet sensation "Grumpy Cat" - know to her family as Tardar Sauce - has passed away at the age of 7. Grumpy had apparently had a UTI and died from complications peacefully, in her Mum's arms. We are send much love and light to her family - Tabatha, Bryan and...

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