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So since not a soul asked, I’m going to explain why I haven’t been posting much lately.

For the last four weeks I have had a very painful headache. My Nurse Practitioner and I have hit a wall trying to figure out what is causing it and so far we’re stumped.

It started a few weeks after my cough did. The cough started at the end of February and about five days in, I headed to our local hospital to make sure it wasn’t pneumonia, as I have had it in the past when having a deep cough. Fortunately it wasn’t pneumonia, and I was sent home with codeine syrup to help me sleep.

I used that for the five days and though it didn’t fix the cough, I was able to sleep.

When the cough didn’t go away, my Nurse Practitioner started me on a puffer to see if that would help. I did get some relief, but I was increasingly uncomfortable as the cough remained productive. I was also having times of being unable to take a deep breath as the coughing fits would happen.

And in the midst of all this, I ended up with a bladder infection and was put on an antibiotic for three days. Which led to me telling off someone in the waiting room, which I have NEVER done! But that’s another story.

So when I still wasn’t getting relief from my cough, my NP ordered an antibiotic since a virus should have cleared up on its own during the time I was coughing. I was able to get relief and the cough eased up. Which was a very happy time!

But that’s when the headache began. I was using Ibuprofen and was getting mild relief from the head pain. My NP added a Triptan, which sadly didn’t work at all. I bumped up my Ibuprofen just to manage, but that failed as well. Because of the possible side-effect of a rebound headache, my NP asked me to stop the Ibuprofen and she prescribed me T3. That helped for a bit, but didn’t give long-lasting relief.

Which brings us to one week ago when I was prescribed Propanolol. It seemed to help a great deal. The second day on it was great and I was able to be more active and help out with our minimizing for our upcoming move. That was this past Friday, and here we are. I still have headaches, but they are moderated a bit by the Propanolol. But the are still there, now focused in the right temple, directly above my eye. I am managing for the most part, but still tire very easily and the headache comes back strong if I’ve done too much around the house.

So we are at a stand-still. We have no idea what is causing my headaches, and why the plethora of meds hasn’t had an long-term effect on the pain. Is it part of my fibromyalgia? Is it something new? I’m also having dry eyes, pain with eye movement and an extremely dry mouth. And I’m kind of going squirrely trying to figure it out!

So help me out. If you have any tips, please share below!

I have a routine that I follow most mornings that helps me ease into my day. I make my oatmeal, grab my coffee and I snuggle into the corner of our couch. I talk to my hubby as he gets ready for work and I do a couple puzzles, sudokus + pet the puppies.

I grab my second cup of coffee and head to my home office. Then I check my editorial calendar, that I’ve newly started, to help me go ahead and grab the resources I need to write for the blog.

I hope the video below helps you find a morning routine!

The government of Canada has published a great deal of much information about the current COVID-19 pandemic, including the following guidelines about actions you can take to reduce your risk of becoming ill, supplies to have on hand and everyday precautions.

As someone with diabetes, I’m in the high risk group. I will definitely not be going to the grocery store or farmer’s market to minimize my own risk.

Though this is done in a cheeky manner, it is EXACTLY spot-on. I have had fibromyalgia for 22 years now and it’s ups and downs are especially problematic.

Since stress exacerbates the symptoms of fibromyalgia, our current situation is giving me flare-ups. We’re being posted to Germany this summer, which means we’re busy getting our house ready to go on the market. Add to that the fact that we have two dogs who we cannot take with us because of medical conditions, along with the COVID-19 pandemic and you can just imagine what the stress levels are like around here!

So when I found this link I’d sent myself, I knew I had to share. It made me both nod my head and chuckle. Which I needed 🙂

Simplifying your style and closet can help you spend less time getting ready, less time shopping for clothes and will help you save money!

Part of the reason I’ve become more conscious of my own wardrobe is to help me both save money and to make it much easier to choose a look each day. Granted I don’t go out much and work form home, so that really helps! *lol

I downloaded the free mini-guide from Classy Yet Trendy and can highly recommend the tips that Leanne Blackmon shares! Heed the advice Leanne shares about NOT going into debt to create a capsule wardrobe. As she says, use what you have and save for the other pieces.