Have you ever wondered how to merge your Pinterest boards?  When I recently updated and morphed my business into an entirely new entity, I wanted to reorganize my Pinterest boards to reflect the changes.  And although there is no specific “merge” function in Pinterest, there is a super easy way to now move pins from board to board!

Here’s are the steps to merge your Pinterest boards.

1 – Log in to your Pinterest account.

2Go to your profile by hovering over your image on the right.

3 – Select “Boards”.  Choose the board with the pins you’d like to move.

4Click on the “Organise” button and then choose “Select All”

5Choose “Move”.

6Choose the board from the pop-up menu and all yours posts will be moved to that board!

Simple as that! Only six steps to reorganize or merge your Pinterest boards!  Once you have moved your pins, you can easily delete the board and you now have a fresh start!