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10 Things You Can Do During the Coronavirus Lockdown

10 Things You Can Do During the Coronavirus Lockdown

For those of you who are new to working from home, having it thrust upon you in the way it likely has been has probably, I'm guessing, been a complete culture shock. So how to maintain sanity in this whole coronavirus lockdown time? Well here is a great article giving...

Mental Enrichment for Your Puppy

Toys and games can be an awesome way to provide your dog with some mental enrichment to keep her/his brain occupied and keep your socks from getting ripped to shreds. Play is as important to dogs as it is to kids. This video shows some awesome ways to use toys, and...

First Things First: Training An Older Puppy to Walk on a Leash

We adopted our 8 month old (almost 9 months) Rough Collie on June 4th and she is a beautiful girl. (That's not her above!) But she was raised in a barn, with 19 other Collies.  She shared a 5' x 5' kennel with her brother and was only let out twice a day to run...

Our Puppy Has a Heart Murmur

On June 4th of this year, we picked up our son from college and went to a breeder in Oil Springs, Ontario, to meet our new puppy. Our newest member is an almost 9 month old Blue Merle Rough Collie.  Her name is Mariska, Mari for short. She's named after Mariska...


I’m on a mission to create a life that is slower, simpler + more sustainable! Join me!


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