I hope y’all bought your #stormchips! {Here’s the story on how #stormchips started} The words “spark joy” in our son since a storm day is no school around these parts!

On Monday, we were on our 2nd storm in as many days! Sunday wasn’t too bad at all and after hub’s snow clearing talents were put to good use, our driveway was clear.

This is one of those days where I’m thankful I work from home.  No commute, a lazy dog and tea lattes for the win! So what do you need if you want to easily make your way through a storm!

Some tips:

  • have water on hand – fill buckets or containers with water both for drinking and for flushing your toilet when the power is out
  • make sure you have food on hand that you can eat without heating it
  • ideally, have an alternative heat/cooking source – wood stove or fireplace – we don’t have a wood stove but wish we did.  If we were staying here, we’d install one but we’ll be posted out next year so right now we have a fire pit we can use if we had to use an alternative food cooking source
  • be sure to have plenty of blankets for sleeping warmly
  • make sure that your tech gadgets are all charged up – we no longer have a home phone so I need to keep my cell fully-charged