bullet journal


Here we go into 2020!

I started bullet journalling in August of 2019 and have tried four different journals with varying degrees of success.

For 2020, I’ve decided to move away from the official Bullet Journal by Leuchtturm, which I will keep for testing layouts, an into the Dingbats A5 dotted planner!

It even has a hippo on the cover, so love that!

I opted for the Dingbat planner for a couple of reasons.  First, the purple hippo.  Second the cream coloured paper (100gsm silk cream acid free fountain-friendly FSC-certified paper).  Third, the pages are micro-perforated, so when I inevitably screw something up, I can just tear out the page and move on!

I’ve set up my future log and will be doing my weekly layouts later today!

My only complaint about the planner is it comes packaged in plastic, with a sticker on it so it’s not recyclable.

I would love to have it packaged with a paper wrap, but I do applaud the minimal packaging!

I’ve been on the hunt for some Christmas inspiration for my cover page for the month of December!

Here are some truly beautiful pieces where you can find inspiration!

Sorry if this is a couple days late but I wanted to share some October inspiration for your bullet journal!

October is my favourite month of all!

My parents’ anniversary is on the 2nd, my uncle and aunt celebrate theirs on the 4th.

Our wedding anniversary is on the 9th, followed by my birthday on the 11th.

Then we celebrate my baby sister and her oldest son on the 19th, our cousin on the 25th and my Mum on the 26th! So there are lots of celebrations!

Throw in our Canadian Thanksgiving and you can see why October is my fave!

Below I’ve shared six October designs for your bullet journal!

I hope you find a design or layout to connect with, and that you can put your own personal spin on it!

Here’s my new weekly layout for October 1-5, 2019.

I used an Avery Clear Round Label (#22815) for the laurel and word October on the top left.

I followed that with a calendar for the month of October, and highlighted the week. That is followed by a section for goals and one for quotes.

The days are laid out with Sunday first, ending with Saturday on the next page.

The right side page has sections for Notes, Menu and Next week items to add.

I added a cute little ghost holding a jack-o’-lantern for her trick-or-treating.  She was made using my Cricut Explore and Cricut Holographic Vinyl in Opal.

Hope this gives you some inspiration for your own #bujo!

Items used:

  • Avery Clear Round Label #22815
  • Cricut Holographic Vinyl in Opal
  • Staedtler 334-61 – Hot Pink
  • Staedtler 334-82 – Light Grey
  • Sharpie Fine marker in Black

Though there is no weekly layout in Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal system, it seems that a LOT of people, me included, have put one to use.

Because my company is small and my days rather free, I don’t necessarily need a daily rapid log.  But what I CAN use is a week-on-two pages layout.

Which led me down a VERY deep rabbit hole!

Below is one of the more helpful videos that I found and it features five super functional layout options that are sure to help you in planning out your week!

I jumped into the Bullet Journal frenzy last week when my beautiful Bullet Journal Leuchtturm notebook arrived!

But my first attempts at doing headers or titles was absolute crap.

I have tremours so it makes hand lettering or tracing something fine very difficult.

It took a few days, but it dawned on me that I could use the Cricut machine my Mum gave me last year to create my headers!

I used the Cricut to create a crisp header:

The word “Cleaning” is done with the font Cami Rae on black vinyl, and the word “Tasks” is done in Mrs. Glows Bold on lavender vinyl.

They were super simple to do, aside from having to weed the centres of the two “s”‘s in the word Tasks!  I had a little trouble with the paper when I pulled the transfer tape away, but doing it rather slowly worked out great!

Though I’ve seen bullet journalling all over Pinterest, I haven’t really become familiar.  So I decided to take a look after a member of a Filofax group I’m part of shared a video of Ryder Carroll and how the bullet journal came to be.

I bought the book “The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future” by Ryder Carroll and whoa! I’m so happy I found this!

I’m about half-way through, and can already tell this is going to work so much better for me and will encourage me to be more consistent and accountable. 

Below is a video about getting your bullet journal set up, with a couple of unique additions.  That’s one of the great things about a bullet journal – you can use the basics and adapt them into anything you’d like!