When we ran out of bathroom spray, I decided that I really didn’t want to replace it with the usual cocktail of chemicals found in many odour eliminating sprays.

So I turned to Pinterest and found a recipe for an air freshener made from 2 ingredients: baking soda and essential oils. I have a small mason jar that for some reason doesn’t have the lid insert, and I have no idea where it would be! So I used that and the cardstock became the lid.

The recipe is this: 1/4 cup baking soda and 6 drops of your favourite essential oil. That’s it. Pop it into a mason jar and poke holes in the lid. Give it a shake and voila, air freshener. A little tip is, when you shake, cover the lid with your hands so baking soda doesn’t fly everywhere!

I got the recipe from a pin that links to purasentials.com but their last blog post was from 2016 so I’m not sure it’s being kept up!

Here are the steps:

Now you’re all set. Remember to keep a hand over the top of the lid when you shake it!

This weekend I’m about to get my Christmas decorating on, which means I needs some inspiration to keep things fresh!

For each day until the 25th, I’ll be sharing a post and images in which I’ve found so much inspiration!

I hope you enjoy and find a few things to add to your holidays!

This whole post from TheGlitterGuide.com is full of amazing things, but this chandelier over the rustic table is my favourite!

We’ve had our dining room set since around the time we got married in 1999. We had been to the furniture store and picked out the table, intending to save up and purchase it.  Hubby, however, surprised me by taking time off work to go get the set a few days later and we’ve been sitting around it since then!

It started out as a golden oak kind of colour.  We have painted it twice now, and currently the pedestal and chairs are white, and the table top is a dark chocolate – a colour called “Hot Chocolate” from Canadian Tire. (The chairs are still oak in these pics!)

To customize the table, I decided to paint some sayings on the table top!

It was a simple enough task to add the wording – after printing out the wording, I just used some old-fashioned carbon paper, tape and the rounded end of a paint brush to trace the lettering on to the table and then just colour over it with a paint pen in white.

The chairs were also painted white and then distressed, giving us an over all look of rustic country!