dot paper


I’m a planner girl, but I love, love, love so many of the beautiful bullet journal I see on Pinterest. They offer the ultimate in flexibility for you to design your own planner pages, to fit your exact needs, for scheduling, note taking or list making.

As I was perusing some of the bullet journals on Pinterest, I realized that I could indeed create my own for use in my Filofax simply by using dotted paper!

Dot Paper to the Rescue

Dot paper is by its nature more flexible than graph paper.  With the arrangement of dots, you are not limited to the square format of graph paper, but with the dots, you can create your own patterns, sections and list layouts that will suit both your work style and your creative style.

Just print off some of the dot paper, scaled to fit your Filofax size of course, and go to town! I’ve included a few of my favourite bullet journal links below to give you a jumping off point!

Favourite Bullet Journal Links