I found the article referenced in the title of this post the other day and was intrigued with what it had to say.

First, a definition. According to Urban Dictionary, “high vibe” culture is defined as “A naturally high state. The state of joy one achieves when a persons actions and beliefs are aligned and all the pieces of their life have integrity and love at it’s core. The state of bliss experienced when at full health as a result of being substance free.”

So when I’d read the quote below, I was floored.

No bad vibes,” means that it’s not okay if you have been the victim and are in a healing process, or if you are simply having a bad day, moment, or month. And, it completely gaslights those who deal with chronic physical or mental conditions.

I deal with a few of the chronic physical issues, not the least of which is my own struggle with obesity, fibromyalgia and Type II diabetes.  This is a great read for you even if you are not one of us who try to manage chronic illness.

Read for your self! Let me know what resonates with you?